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St. Basil's School of Dance

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St. Basil's Ukrainian Language Arts Society (ULAS) was founded in 1975. The society operates as an extension of the St. Basil's Ukrainian Catholic Parish in Edmonton, Alberta. We operate solely as a nonprofit organization that relies on parents or adult dancers as volunteers to manage the day to day operations of our organization.

St. Basil's School of Dance is focused on providing students with the opportunity to enjoy, appreciate, and learn traditions associated with Ukrainian dance and Ukrainian culture. We are devoted to providing dancers of all ages with an opportunity to excel and grow--both technically and socially. We believe in fostering a community atmosphere in which dancers develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Our mandate is to provide our students with high quality Ukrainian dance instruction regardless of age or skill level. Whether students are with us for one year or many, they will leave with a love and appreciation of the art and culture of Ukrainian dance. Fostering an atmosphere of self worth, accomplishment and community is highly valued. As an organization that is dependant upon volunteers for its daily operations, we place a high value on commitment, stewardship and camaraderie and passing these values to the next generation.


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