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Tap your toes, sing along and maybe even enjoy a dance as the Polka Ramblers take to the stage ​to share their musical talents! They performa a variety of Traditional Ukrainian music along with a mix of Country and Rock.

With 3 generations in teh band, grandson, Travis Dolter (Guitar & Vocals) keeps Baba - Sylvia Kupka (Accordion & Vocals) on her toes, challenging her with new, modern-day tunes! Travis's mother - Shelley Dolter (Saxophone, Violin and Vocals) completes the 3 generations! Joining the family band is Panko Chrunik (Guitar, Vocals and Bass) and Steven Gowda (Drums).

Sylvie began performing when she was 11 and eagerly shared her talents and passion for music with her children and grandchildren. Founded in 1978, the Polka Ramblers have performed for various functions including U-Fest, Annual Ukrainian Village Music Fest, Ukrainian Canadian Cultural Showcase and numerous Weddings, Dances and Malankas.

The Polka Ramblers have recorded four CDs over the years including their newest album, Generations of Music, featuring Sylvia's grandchildren! ​​

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