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This year the Edmonton School of Ukrainian Dance is celebrating its 32nd year, and over the years we have gained scores of recognition for being a leader in bringing Ukrainian dance into the community. Experienced, caring teachers for dancers of all ages are an essential ingredient to the success of the school, and we have plenty. Under the direction of Ken Kachmar and instructors Trish Kushniruk, Debbie Kachmar Potter, Tammy Myskiw, Andrew Trykalo, Matthew Karpiak and Kennedy Kachmar, we continue to specialize in Ballet, Character Dance and Ukrainian Folk Dance with a focus on child development. Children are taught systematically, following sequential instruction and learning through fun and repetition.

The Edmonton School of Ukrainian Dance has progressed in taking Ukrainian dance into the next

millennium. The school consists of over 140 students, ranging in ages from 3 with our beginners’ class to 65 years young with Vatra, our adult class. Classes are held either on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at the Vohon and Edmonton School of Ukrainian Dance Studio at 10629 - 98th Street in Edmonton.

The school has performed in many venues over the last 32 years, from local competitions,

festivals and concerts here in Alberta to abroad with the UNA Festival in New York, three separate years performing in Disneyworld, and two separate performances on Carnival Cruse lines. We are always looking for unique opportunities for our dancers to travel with their families, while showcasing what they have learned from their instructors to new audiences. Our dancers often remark about the amazing memories they have made on the trips and the friendships they have made dancing through the years. This last year the ensembles attended the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City, Oregon.

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