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The Diamonds Band consists of Craig Repchuk (Accordion / Keyboards / Vocals), Ben Christiani (Violin), Rick Chomyn (Lead & Rhythm Guitars) and Ihor Nedoshytko (Bass Guitar). The Diamonds Band will be accompanied by drummer Vincent Skubleny for UFest.

The Diamonds Band is known far and wide for their snappy polkas, dreamy waltzes, beautiful foxtrots, traditional Ukrainian dance numbers, other ethnic music, rock 'n roll, Latin American and country music.

Regardless of the type of party — be it a night club dance, a wedding dance, a stage presentation or a banquet — The Diamonds Band will suite the type of occasion with their upbeat dance music. The band has been performing for 13 years throughout Alberta.

All of the band members are versatile musicians with many years of experience. Their sincere dedication and love of music is evident in the energy they bring to every performance. The Diamonds Band plays on a regular basis for dances throughout Edmonton and the province for audiences that keep on coming back for more.

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