The Ukrainian Cheremosh Society, through its training and educational programs, strives to cultivate dancers of the highest caliber. It is the hope and intention of the Ukrainian Cheremosh Society to encourage all of our dancers to embrace the complexity, beauty and art that is Ukrainian dance through their own creativity, dedication and commitment utilize this educational opportunity to its fullest. 


The School of Dance Academy program offers a training program that is more in-depth and exposes dancers to more styles and regions of Ukrainian dance. A high level of commitment and self-motivation, as well as a love of dance, is required to meet this program's high standards. The Academy Program is aimed at providing dancers with the skills and experience to audition for th Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company. 

Within the Academy Program there are three performing groups: Chumak 1, Chumak 2 and Cheremshyna.

Since 1991, The Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company and School of Dance has had the privilege of working with Artistic Director and Ballet Master Mykola Kanevets. 

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