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UFest at Home Episode 5 - UFest Community Koliada

Virtual Caroler Instructions

Thank you for your participation in this exciting initiative - an opportunity to join a virtual choir with the UFest community. Please submit your video by Friday December 11, 2020. Late submissions will not make it into the video. 


Carol: Nebo i Zemlia (Verses 1, 2 and 7 only)

Parts: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone/Bass


Listen to Soprano sample audio track:


Listen to Alto sample audio track: 

Listen to Tenor sample audio track:

Listen to Bass sample audio track:


You will need: Two devices (at least one should be a cellphone/smartphone/tablet) and the other a laptop/computer/tablet (or if you have another cellphone). You will also need some headphones to listen to the sample audio track as you sing. 


Step 1: Read and practice the carol singing through verses 1, 2 and 7 with repeated choruses as written. Identify your part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass), and sing along with the sample audio track. It is essential that you sing exactly the same tempo as the track for all the voices to blend together. Make sure to start and end your notes as per the sample audio track. 

Step 2: On one device plug-in headphones to be able to hear the sample track (you may want to have one headphone in your ear and keep your other ear free so you can hear yourself sing). On another device (preferably cellphone/smartphone), use the camera to record yourself singing (or have someone record you). Please try not to use the sheet music, or at least ensure that it is not in the camera view. 

Step 3: Submit your video through our WeTransfer page ( Simply upload it from your phone or from a computer. You may be asked to verify with a code. 


Suggested dress code: Vyshyvanka/embroidered shirt. Please do not wear a Santa hat. 

Recording Background: Choose a space (inside or outside) with lots of light to illuminate your face. If you can stand in front of a Christmas tree or holiday decoration that would be great. 

Camera tips: Recording should be from your chest up. Make sure your face is in the middle of the camera shot. Make sure there is no background noise, and that your camera microphone picks up your singing. Hold the camera steady - place it on a solid surface, use a tripod or computer webcam. Please record horizontally.


You are welcome to have other members of your household join you in the video, or sing it on your own. 


Deadline to submit video: Friday December 11, 2020

Questions? Email 


Thank you for helping us spread positive cheer during these challenging times. The completed episode will air on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 in the evening. Stay tuned to our social media and YouTube channel to watch. 

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