Become a Busker

This is a rain or shine, all-weather festival. All applications are subject to review and approval by the UFest Entertainment Committee. We will be accepting a variety of musical acts.


Busker Policy: Busking is a privilege that is meant to enhance the festival environment. Therefore: 


  1. Buskers must check in at the UFest registration table as directed.

  2. Buskers are required to remain on the festival grounds for their scheduled performance time.

  3. Buskers will be assigned an allotted space on the festival grounds.

  4. There will be only one busking group within listening distance.

  5. Buskers may receive and keep donations, and sell their CDs (if applicable).

  6. Should a Busker create a problem (i.e., noise, inappropriate behaviour, etc.) as defined by the Busking Committee, the Busker shall agree to abide by the decision of the above-mentioned persons. The Busking Committee's decision may include having the Busker re-locate immediately, or, if the problem cannot be resolved, the Busker's opportunity to busk will be revoked and the Busker will be asked to leave the festival grounds.

  7. If you are unable to attend UFest, you must give the Entertainment Committee a minimum of seven (7) days notice by calling Wendy at 780-909-8384.

Completion of the application form does not guarantee your participation in the festival. You will be contacted if selected, at which time, more details will be provided to you.

We reserve the right to limit and reject applications with or without reason. Decisions of the Busking Committee are final.

Check back soon for the 2022 Busker Application Form.